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The depression illusion.

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What's this all about?

I get depressed, and I get depression, and it's not good.
It's not good for me, it's not good for my family, and not good for my friends.
I find that most folk I know are very understanding (at least on the surface) and try to help - especially with advice.
In this day and age, we all know about 'depression'.  We know it's a medical condition - that there is an inherent link between your state of mind and the chemical balance in your body, and that one influences the other.  And we all have a personal view on how it should be handled - or rather, how a sufferer should be handled.
.....and it's this last point I want to try and address in this blog.
We know so much about depression, but if you actually spend time with a sufferer, and let them explain how it feels to them, you might find your views of how to deal with a sufferer change.
So, in a series of random postings, I hope to give you dear reader, a view of the world as I see it when I am depressed, what take…